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For 2013 the Surf n Turf series will be offering four event options, Ocean Swim, Aquathon, SUP & Run and each of these events offers 2 – 3 distance options to ensure there is an event suitable for athletes of all abilities.


2013 Event Calendar

Race One 23rd January 2013
Race Two 30th January 2013
Race Three 6th February 2013
Endurance Swim 9th February 2013
Race Four 13th February 2013
Race Five 20th February 2013


Race Day Schedule

Wednesday Events:

5.30pm – Registration Opens
6.30pm – Registration Closes
6.45pm – Race Briefing
7.00pm – Race Start
8.00pm – Prize Giving

Endurance Swim:

6.50am – Registration Opens
7.30am – Registration Closes
7.50pm – Race Briefing
8.10am – Race Start 4000m
11.00am – Prize Giving (following completion of Tri Grand Prix events)


Ocean Swim Event Option

The ocean swim event option involves swimming either 1, 2 or 3 laps of a triangular swim course set inside the boats at Corsair Bay.  Swimmers will start in one of three waves based on the distance that they will be swimming.  Below is a list of the event distances for each weeks event.

Race One Short Swim Medium Swim Long Swim
Race One 400m 800m 1200m
Race Two 500m 1000m 1500m
Race Three 600m 1200m 1800m
Endurance Swim 1000m 2000m 4000m
Race Four 500m 1500m 2000m
Race Five 600m 1200m 2400m


Aquathon Event Option

An aquathon consists of an ocean swim followed by a run.  The course at Corsair Bay offers a safe and usually calm swim course followed by a slightly challenging off road run which includes some short sharp climbs and some gentle flat terrain on the 4×4 track leading down to Corsair Bay.  We offer two options for Aquathon competiors, the short aquathon and long aquathon.  The short aquathon competitors start in the wave with the short swimmers and the long aquathon starts with the medium ocean swimmers.  Below is a list of the distances for each category each week.

Race One Short Aquathon Long Aquathon
Race One S400m/R3km S800m/R4.8km
Race Two S500m/R3km S1000m/R4.8km
Race Three S600m/R3km S1200m/R4.8km
Race Four S500m/R3km 1500m/R3km
Race Five S600m/R3km 1200m/R4.8km

SUP Event Option

SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding will be featuring for the third summer in the 2013 Surf n Turf series and based on the growth that the event experienced last summer we have decided to extend the event option to include both a long and short race option to cater for both the novice paddle boarder and the more experienced that want to challenge themselves over a longer distance.  This year we are going to shorten the lap to bring the SUP course back to a 2.5km loop from Corsair Bay to Cass Bay returning following the coast line.  The short SUP will complete 1 lap while the long SUP will complete either 2 or 3 laps.  Below is a list of distances for each week.

Race One Short SUP Long SUP
Race One 2.5km 5km
Race Two 2.5km 5km
Race Three 2.5km 5km
Race Four 2.5km 7.5km
Race Five 2.5km 7.5km

Run Only Event Option

The 3km or 5km run event option is ideal for competitors who prefer to keep their feet dry.  Competing over the same run course as the aquathon competitors our run only option is the final event option on the 2013 Surf n Turf program.

Race One Short Run Long Run
Race One 3km 5km
Race Two 3km 5km
Race Three 3km 5km
Race Four 3km 5km
Race Five 3km 5km

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